Baylis Place and Huckleberry House, two of Hull’s leading services for the care of adults with learning difficulties and autism have been given a glowing report by Living Autism.

Baylis Place, a residential home, and Huckleberry House, a supported living service, were praised for providing the highest quality of care for residents.

The homes, both run by Swanton Care & Community, are designed to help individuals learn new skills and become more independent and self-sufficient.

Living Autism is regarded as one of the leading independent auditors of autistic care services and a source of advice and support for families. 

Inspectors noted that residents at the 11-bed Baylis Place, on Wawne Road, were confident and happy and held monthly meetings to discuss their needs, wishes and to plan future activities.

The entire ethos of the home is to foster greater independence so that individuals can progress to a supported living placement at Huckleberry House.

Baylis Place Manager Nigel Humphrey was praised for his enthusiasm and good knowledge of the aspirations and needs of his service users. In addition all staff receive autism awareness training so they can provide the most appropriate and compassionate support.

Residents are encouraged to choose the décor for their own en-suite rooms and to personalise it in any way they wish.

Mr Humphrey said he was delighted to receive such positive feedback for the home.

He said: “We are passionate about creating a culture of truly person-centred care at Baylis Place.

“We do all we can to support our service users so they can become more independent and lead fulfilling and satisfying lives. It’s wonderful that the Living Autism team could see our determination to achieve this.”

Across the city at West Dock Street, Huckleberry House, a relatively new service, offers accommodation for individuals with a learning disability or autism.

Living Autism inspectors observed a good rapport between parents and staff and noted the friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Just as at Baylis Place residents can access all their support services including speech and language therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists and occupational therapists. 

Although Huckleberry House offers accommodation for up to six tenants, the service also aims to support individuals in smaller flats or houses in the area. Tenants are encouraged to choose the areas they would like to live in.

Inspectors were very impressed by accommodation at Huckleberry House, which includes large rooms with plenty of space for residents who require a quiet area to relax.

Huckleberry House Manager Mark Ullah said he was delighted with the positive report.

He said: “A supported living service such as ours offers residents the chance of an incredible level of independence and it’s inspiring to see people thrive in that environment.

“Huckleberry House is a warm, welcoming, inspiring home and we are pleased to receive the recognition of Living Autism.

“We look forward to our new residents moving in in 2016.”