Getting it Right

Swanton place quality at the forefront of everything we do.

We believe that quality is about delivering excellent and consistent services which exceed the expectations of the people receiving them. It is also about an on-going commitment to getting it right, to be open to scrutiny and feedback, to be willing to learn and really listen to what our service users say to us.

Good enough is not good enough for Swanton.

We aim for excellence which is defined by the people we support and we have identified the following set of principles which underpin and direct all that we do in relation to support and quality.

Person Centred:

This means that the support we provide has the person at the centre and focuses on what is important to them. Swanton believe that a person centred culture gives us a structure to continually listen and learn about what is important to an individual now and in the future, and to act on this in partnership with them, their family and/or representatives.

Value Based:

Our approach to support and quality is also directed by the values of the organisation:

• We respect the individual

• We support and encourage initiative and creativity

• We act with integrity, honesty and commitment

• We focus on ability and aspirations

• We work together

Evidence Based:

Swanton are innovative, creative and willing to embark on a journey to see where it takes us, but we are also committed to utilising good practice and research to underpin our own practice. This is essential for example, in the development of our policies, procedures and guidance which are reviewed and updated annually.

Outcome Focused:

Swanton provide support that is focused on achieving positive outcomes for individuals. For this to be effective, we believe that individuals must be recognised and supported as active assessors of their own needs, planners of their own support and services and co-producers of their own outcomes.