Come and work with us...

We recruit based on values and qualities. The person that you are and what you want to achieve in your own life is equally as important as your knowledge, skills and experience.

We look for people who can demonstrate that they are:

• Respectful and naturally caring

• Thoughtful and inspiring

• Understanding and compromising

• Genuine and honest

• Positive and committed

• Non-judgemental and open minded

• Team players and ready to give anything a go

Tell us where you want your career to go……we’ll support you all the way!

Our goal is to create capable employee’s that can offer a range of skills for the people they support. We will work with you to create a personal development plan that develops your expertise in an area that they have a personal interest and commitment to.

We will support and fund this, so that you get to learn new skills that interest you. Then you take a leadership role in sharing those skills with the people you support and the rest of your team.

We believe that people we support should have a real input into how the services they live in are managed and developed. Our learning and development plans for each service evolve as the people we support progress and change.

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