We believe that choice is a fundamental right for all, so we offer a variety of support options to suit different needs and wishes.

In our residential services our ambition is to give the person being supported the opportunity to live independently in their home, making their own choices and leading their life in the way they want.

Fundamental basics include:

  • being fully involved in choosing who supports you
  • interviewing your support staff
  • planning the training that staff will receive based on your support needs and the outcomes that you want to achieve
  • devising the structure and times for how and when you want to be supported

We work closely with the individual we are supporting, their social network and colleagues in health and social care, using an open and transparent approach with clear and on-going communication.

We recognise that some of the people we support are happy and stable in their residential care service, and because we focus our support in residential services on an individual service design model ensuring that we maximise opportunity and independency for the person, this works well for some of the people we support.

We are strong advocates of setting goals with individuals we support to co-produce positive outcomes with them for their future. Often this means working with people we support to move into their own home. In some of our residential services the plan is that people will be supported by us in this setting for 12-24 months, with a clear plan in place for moving into supported living.

A culture of genuine person centred practices need to be embedded into the service, through every member of the team and shared ambitions and commitment with the individual being support and their family and friends is essential to the achievement the outcomes of making this a reality. We have a successful evidence base we can share about how we have worked with people with differing complex needs to achieve this.

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