A transgender teenager living with Asperger’s Syndrome has explained how taking to the catwalk last month helped give him a new found confidence.

Zach Taylor, who lives at Stella Maris supported living in Ipswich, was invited to take part in the Positively Me! fashion show in the town earlier this year.

The show was focused on celebrating people living with some form of disability and gave them a chance to strut the catwalk in clothes they would not normally wear to boost their self-esteem.

Zach said the event was a huge amount of fun and has helped build his confidence.

He said: “As a transgender person I had a tough time when I was at school and when I came out a lot of my friends didn’t want to know me anymore.

“Recently I have undergone surgery on the top half of my body as part of my gender realignment so to walk down that catwalk and to show all the world that I was proud to be me just felt amazing.

“Since I moved into my new house earlier this year, I’ve met some wonderful people and I really feel I have friends now who accept me for who I am.

“I want to share my story now with other young people who may be facing some of the challenges that I have so that they can know there is hope and that things do get better once you find the right support.”

Here’s Zach on the local BBC News talking about the fashion show.

The 19-year-old is a budding photographer and is just about to finish studying A Levels in photography, English literature and modern history.

Zach hopes to secure a place at university in the Autumn studying English literature and would once day like to have his own photography business.