A young photographer from Ipswich says having a diagnosis of Asperger’s gives him a different perspective when taking pictures.

Zach Taylor, 19, who lives at Stella Maris supporting living in Ipswich, said his Asperger’s means he can see things when taking landscape and wildlife shots that other people simply cannot see.

He said: “I will often sit and look at a certain landscape for hours on end and it is only by doing that that certain colours, shades and shadows reveal themselves.

“Most people would miss these because they don’t have the patience to sit for that long, but I absolutely love it – I get to see what others can’t.

“If I was taking a close-up picture of say an animal like a bee, I would sit very still and study it and try to get a sense of what that bee was thinking – that process allows me to capture images that I think are very special and different to other people’s work.”

Zach is currently studying an A-Level in photography and hopes to set up his own photography business once he graduates from university.

He added: “Photography really is my passion. I’m not only inspired by other great photographers such as Art Wolfe, but classical artists too, such as Claude Monet.

“I love the way that Monet plays with light and I like to experiment with my camera and exposure settings to create smudges of light that look like his brush strokes.”

Here’s a pick of some of Zach’s favourite photography so far (see on the right).