Staff at a Llandeilo care home brought global flavours to a special celebration this June – as they hosted a day of multi-cultural food and music.

The team at Maesteilo Mansion & Cottages hit upon the idea of representing their home nations as a way to introduce the people they support to their favourite dishes and to make musical memories.

With carers from Slovakia, Zambia, England, Wales, Bulgaria, Poland and China, the day was a truly global affair. For Service Manager Kuba Nowak it was an excellent chance for his people to get involved in a personal way.

Kuba said: “We wanted everybody to feel part of our celebration and to share something they love with the group.

“During the day we had a lunch of traditional Welsh Roast Lamb or English Beef to represent our staff from Wales and England, then in the evening, we hosted an international buffet.

“We laid out a big table full of different dishes – like Chinese vegetable noodles, Zambian Peanut chicken, Polish sandwiches and pate, traditional cakes from Bulgaria and Slovakia and cheeses from many different countries.

“For many of the people we support, there were new flavours to try and music to hear, they loved it. It was a really lovely, relaxed event with great company.”

As well as presenting a smorgasbord of food, the Maestelio team dressed rooms in flags from the different nations and created flag picture frames to take photographs in. With a diverse musical soundtrack, there was lots of fun to be had throughout the day.

Kuba said: “The people we support loved the picture frames and we got some great snaps. There was an impromptu sing-along in the evening, too, which had us all smiling. Everybody I’ve spoken to has told me how much they enjoyed being involved.”

Maesteilo Mansion & Cottages supports 20 people between 18-65, with a range of support needs, including learning disabilities and autism. There is also an on-site day centre that offers a variety of skills and activities.