A 32-year-old support worker from Hull has got serious about healthy living by losing an incredible 4 stone 9lbs.

Darren Palmer, who works at Swanton Community Support Hull, decided to embark on his weight loss journey in February 2019.

During a trip to Tesco, Darren weighed in on their scales and didn’t like the numbers he saw. So, he joined forces with his sister to return to diet club Slimming World and started making steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

Now, just five months later, Darren has already shifted almost five stone by following the programme and increasing his exercise.

Darren said: “I’ve been big all my life and I’ve tried many times to lose weight.

“I had been to Slimming World before, and I really enjoyed it, but other commitments got in the way and I stopped going. I tried to do the programme on my own, but I failed.

“When I used the scales in Tesco that day, I was in shock to see how much I weighed, and I knew I had to start Slimming World again. When I went to weigh in after my first week back, I found out I’d lost 16.5lbs!

“With the support of my family, my work colleagues and Slimming World friends, I’ve pushed myself to lose weight every week. June was a very good month for me as I completed a 5k run, reached a 4 stone 9lbs weight loss and passed my driving test for the first time.

“I’m really happy with myself – I’ve got a job I love, I’m now able to drive to work and I feel a lot healthier. I still have a long way to go with my weight loss journey, but with all the support I’m receiving, I’ll get there in no time!”

For Darren’s friends and colleagues, the transformation has been inspiring to watch. SCC Hull deputy manager Alison Sutherby said that she thinks Darren’s hard-working attitude is the secret to his success.

Alison said: “Darren has done amazingly! We are all so proud of him and his success at Slimming World.

“He works around 70 hours a week for us and loves his job, which is great to see. He is brilliant with the people we support who are particularly challenging – in fact, he thrives on helping them.

“I think Kerry, one of the ladies we support, has been the secret to his success. She walks a long way every day and goes at 100mph! Darren goes with her and he never complains – even when they get back, Kerry sits down for five minutes, and then is up and off again.

“We notice the hard work and effort Darren puts in – he’s a credit to the service, and we can’t wait to see where his Slimming World journey will take him.”