A pool-loving woman who found it too difficult to get to disability swimming sessions is back in the pool thanks to her Swanton support workers.

Lucy Conboy, 43, loved being in the water at a pool in Beverley, Yorkshire but the distance became a problem.

Luckily for Lucy, the staff at Swanton Community Support Hull were determined to find a way for her to continue to enjoy her favourite hobby. After locating a nearby pool to take Lucy, her support workers were able to get her in the water again.

For Lucy, who lives with learning disabilities and autism, going to the swimming pool is a real joy in her life. SCC Hull deputy manager Alison Sutherby said it was great to see her enjoying herself again.

Alison said: “Lucy really enjoys the freedom of the water and being able to hop about.

“She especially likes to watch other people having fun in the swimming pool. She’ll usually go over and investigate what they are doing with a big grin on her face.

“Thanks to support from staff, Lucy can go there nearly every week now.”

One of the most important considerations for the SCC Hull support team was to find a way for Lucy to feel safe in the water. Armbands weren’t robust enough to give her the security she needed, so Swanton invested in a special life jacket.

Alison said: “Lucy can go in the water independently thanks to the life jacket because it keeps her afloat, so all she has to focus on is kicking her legs and having the time of her life.

“Our staff made sure the swimming pool had a hoist available to lower Lucy into the water and out after the session. Due to Lucy being non-verbal, it’s essential that we can ensure she’s safe and happy at all times.

“We know what it means to Lucy to have her hobby and to see her splashing around in the water with such joy is just lovely. Finding out about the people we support and their hobbies and interests is really important to us at Swanton, so we can make sure they can access the activities that make them happy.”