A young man supported by Swanton Care is one of the early success stories of a new cooking course being rolled out in the North of England.

Reece Hare, who lives at Baylis Place in Hull, has spent the past few months working on his daily living skills, including taking the new culinary class. The programme aims to help people to develop confidence in the kitchen and learn a host of valuable life skills alongside cookery.

For Reece, 21, it’s been a fantastic learning experience and great fun.

Reece said: “I like learning to cook, and I’ve made a cheesecake. It tasted delicious – I didn’t want to share it!”

The course Reece is currently working through is specifically designed to teach more than just how to cook. Tom Pick, regional director for Swanton Care & Community in the North East region says that course coordinators have included a range of essential life skills in the modules.

Tom said: “Reece has done brilliantly so far, despite not being willing to give me a piece of his cheesecake!

“The course comprises of eleven modules, including things like weighing and measuring, preparing cold and hot food, budgeting and health and safety in the kitchen.

“The people we support will develop communication skills, learn how to budget for food shipping, get comfortable with numbers as they weigh things out and learn more about healthy eating.

“One part of the course involves them preparing a picnic for friends and then going outdoors to enjoy it, so that’s about socialising and movement too.”

Each student on the course can select the meals they want to cook and will learn how to keep their kitchen clean and tidy.

At the end of the Swanton Care Cooking Course, participants receive a certificate and will also have a file that shows evidence of their learning and results. At present, the classes are being offered to people supported by Swanton services across the North of England.

Tom added: “It’s important to us that we can show their progress and that they have a pack of information that they can look back on when they need to.

“It’s proved very successful so far, and we can’t wait to help more people work through the course.”