A trip to the local rock climbing centre proved to be a big hit with Jake Vaughan from our Pant Yr Odyn service – when he turned out to be a natural.

The 25-year-old went along to Dynamic Rock in Clydach, South Wales, in August with support staff to try out a new activity.

Jake, who has complex autism, was put in the harness and shown how to start scaling the wall by the team at the non-profit centre. Within a short space of time, he was confidently climbing up without help.

For team leader Christopher Jones, who took Jake to Dynamic Rock, it was incredible to see the youngster take to the sport so well.

Christopher said: “I couldn’t believe how brilliant Jake was on the wall – he seemed completely unfazed by the challenge.

“Jake is a ball of energy and he’s always bouncing around, so we like to try to find physical activities he can enjoy. He isn’t able to communicate with us verbally, but we know he’s having a good time when he smiles, makes happy noises and laughs a lot.

“Needless to say, Jake was beaming at Dynamic Rock and loved his experience there.”

Having enjoyed rock climbing once, Jake is now set to go bouldering where he’ll climb without a harness. Meanwhile, the Pant Yr Odyn team are arranging a second rock climbing outing for another one of the people they support.

David said: “It’s important for us to find activities that bring happiness and excitement to the lives of the people we support. There are so many great places to go in South Wales, so it’s nice to try different things out and see what is popular with them.

“It looks as though Jake is going to become a rock climbing enthusiast now!”