Dan Y Graig’s Jenny Griffiths had a winter outing to remember this year when Team Leader Kayleigh took her to the Longleat Festival of Light.

When Jenny, who is supported at Dan Y Graig, saw pictures of the famous Longleat display, she asked Kayleigh if they could make the 2-and-a-half hour trip to see it for herself.

This year’s festival is themed around myths and legends from across the world, with light creations including extraordinary creatures, ancient deities and magnificent scenery.

So, the girls drove to Longleat to see the illuminations where Jenny was delighted by the incredible lights on display.

Kayleigh said: “Jenny loved the lights and kept saying to me, ‘Look how beautiful they are! Do you think Mummy would like them?’

“Her favourite displays were the flowers and unicorns, and she also loved the droplets of light on the trees. I’ve been to the festival before, and I knew that the display would wow her, it’s absolutely amazing.”

Before the sun went down for the light show, there was plenty to do. Longleat House was decorated for Christmas, with magnificent trees throughout.

Kayleigh said: “The trees were sensational and there was one in every single room. Jenny wanted to know if we could have one of them for Dan Y Graig!

“We went to see the animals at Longleat too and Jenny got to hold a snake and a tarantula, which was brilliant. Snakes are Jenny’s favourite creatures and she’s been able to hold them before, so it was great to be able to do that on the day too.”

Kayleigh and Jenny stayed overnight before heading back to Dan Y Graig the next day, with photos galore to show their families and friends.

The Longleat Festival of Light is held every winter and is widely regarded to be the best display of its kind in the UK.