Trinity House’s Adam Morris has successfully achieved two qualifications in fire safety and awareness with the support of Swanton staff.

The 31-year-old discussed his interest in learning more about fire safety with the Durham-based team, leading them to identify two suitable courses.

Adam did his first course online on the eLearning For You website, where he completed their dedicated fire safety module.

“I enjoyed doing the course, I learned about the different types of fire extinguisher and which fires they are used on, what action I should take if a fire happens and all about risk assessments,” said Adam.

“It was an interesting course to do, and I was really pleased to get my certificate at the end of it.”

After the online course, Adam accompanied the Trinity House maintenance team when they carried out fire door checks and call points.

He also helped out during the weekly fire alarm tests. Impressed by his continued enthusiasm, the team found a second course for Adam to enrol on – the Fire Safety & Evacuation course for senior Swanton staff.

“It’s been fantastic to see Adam learning and to watch him develop confidence in this area,” said Paula Smith, Deputy Home Manager.

“The second course is all about teaching staff to safely evacuate the home in an emergency and how to use the evacuation equipment. Adam was made up when he was presented with his certificate by the course trainer.”

Now Trinity House can rely on Adam to be part of their fire safety team, helping to share information about fire awareness with other people supported at the home. Paula says that they are happy to be able to encourage the people supported at Trinity House to explore their interests.

“Adam is a great example of how the people we support can learn and grow their skills with a bit of help from us,” she said. “It’s nice to know that Adam’s gained new qualifications and been able to spend time putting his knowledge into practice around Trinity House.”