A talented young poet from a Swanton supporting living service in Hull has written a superb poem to help people do the right thing to stop the spread of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

Emma Burnham, who lives at Swanton Care and Community Hull, wanted to put down her thoughts and feelings about the virus after seeing so much about it in the news.

This is her Ode to COVID-19:

Since COVID-19 we kept our hands clean

We must all stay indoors

Wash the tops and the floors

If you sneeze or if you cough

Use a tissue and back off!

We must keep our hands clean

‘Cause the virus is mean

We can all stop the spread…

…and have fun instead.

Emma said she was inspired to write the poem after speaking to other people she lives with.

She said: “I thought it would be good to put all of the advice down in a poem – that makes it easier to remember. I hope everyone stays safe and well.”

Service Manager Lisa Goodwin said she was truly inspired by Emma’s poem.

She said: “Emma has always had a way with words and this poem is just wonderful. It’s so clever and completely encapsulates all of things that we all need to do to stay safe. Well done Emma, you’re an inspiration!”