Swanton Care & Community Hull has been keeping the people they support happy and busy during the coronavirus lockdown in all sorts of thoughtful ways.

Over the past few weeks, caring staff have come up with a myriad of activities to bring joy and fun to the lives of the people they support, both in and outside of their homes.

The bright, sunny weather meant that Carl was able to visit his local park with his new support team. The trio of carers have only recently started working with Carl, but they’ve already built up an excellent rapport.

So, when Carl asked them to accompany him to the park and help him use the apparatus, they were happy to oblige.

Their support and encouragement have ensured Carl can keep enjoying his time outdoors. He’s not only visited the park but spent quality time in his back garden doing daily exercises too.

For birthday boy Ryan, turning 20 was a blast, thanks to his support team. Before the lockdown commenced, Ryan was able to visit the Bransholme Centre to select a new game for his Nintendo Switch.

On his return from the shops, Ryan was presented with loads of presents and had Happy Birthday sung to him. Those gifts and his new game means that Ryan has got plenty to keep him busy while the quarantine continues.

Despite the doom and gloom in the country, Kerry had plenty to celebrate as she turned 40.

The caring staff made sure she had a whale of a time doing fancy dress, eating delicious birthday cake and posing with a five-foot unicorn.

There was so much excitement when Kerry opened all her presents from family and friends, that she had to have a lie down mid-morning. But after a brief break, Kerry was raring to go for round two of her birthday celebrations.

Staying in gave Lewis and Raymond the chance to learn new skills – as they both embarked on cookie-making sessions.

Lewis, who enjoys cooking, was supported as he planned, shopped for and then baked his cookies.

Meanwhile, Raymond – who is missing his daily trips into the city centre – got stuck into his own baking session and was surprised to find he was a dab hand at making cookies. Here’s hoping that both of them continue to expand their culinary repertoire in the coming weeks.

Over at Jackie’s house, staff have been expanding their hairdressing skills by trying out a range of beautiful new styles.

Having her hair done is one of Jackie’s favourite things, so she loves it when staff experiment with different ‘dos. She’s already sported a range of fantastic plaited styles during the past few weeks, and looks forward to seeing what her creative carers come up with next.

Finally, Lenny has welcomed some new residents to his home during the lockdown – three new goldfish.

Lenny already has a huge tank and keeps a few different fish, but he wanted to expand his collection. His latest trio of finned friends are named Darren, Jessie and Lisa, and Lenny loves watching them swim around in the tank.