The people supported at Baylis Place in Hull have been busy creating ‘thank you’ posters for their local NHS heroes, and one grateful lady made a special gift basket.

Staff have been leading the creative sessions to make rainbow-themed messages of support and thanks for hard-working doctors, nurses and care workers.

For Baylis Place’s Rebecca, who has two district nurses coming in every day to help her manage her diabetes, saying thank you was particularly important.

So, Rebecca created a special gift basket, containing hand creams and sweets, for the nurses to take a treat from when they visited.

Service Manager Harriet Miller said that Rebecca wanted to make sure the people who help her every day got a token of her appreciation.

Harriet said: “Rebecca knows how hard the district nurses are working during the Covid-19 outbreak and she wanted to let them know she is grateful for what they do.

“She filled the basket with hand cream because she heard the nurses mention that had sore hands due to using so much alcohol gel to clean them. Rebecca wanted to add sweets and chocolates too because she knows that everybody likes them!”

As well as their ‘thank you’ projects, people supported at Baylis Place are getting involved in new hobbies as they observe the lockdown rules.

There have been games of cricket and football taking place in the home’s gardens, as well as a spot of bird watching.

Harriet said that morale is high as the staff and people supported at Baylis House find ways to keep busy and active.

Harriet said: “Everyone has enjoyed making the rainbow posters for our wonderful NHS, and we’re delighted with the results.

“We’ve had fun playing games outdoors together, and we’ve all been learning more about the birds that frequent our gardens. There’s plenty to do and lots to learn during this lockdown, so we’re making the most of it.”