Team Swanton is making sure that 2020 is a year of Eurovision fun despite the official Song Contest’s cancellation – by hosting their own pop-tastic event.

All services have been invited to take part in ‘Swanton Does Eurovision’ by submitting home-made music videos.

Tom Pick, Regional Director for the North East, wants people supported by our services and their support staff to go all out in their unique videos.

Everyone is encouraged to make cardboard instruments and stage props during crafting sessions, to wear colourful costumes and eye-catching makeup and to experiment with lighting when making their videos.

Each video should include people supported at our services and staff singing and dancing along to their chosen track.

Tom said: “This is our chance to discover which of our Swanton teams could give Benny, Bjorn, Agnetha and Frida a run for their money!

“Our Eurovision videos must be bold, brilliant and packed full of pop. There are so many ways for teams to enjoy the making of their Eurovision entry.

“We’re excited to see what creativity and craziness ensue as everyone channels the spirit of Eurovision.”

As well as making their entries, some services will host a Eurovision party to watch everyone’s videos and enjoy cuisine and music from across the nations that take part.

Tom said: “The party possibilities are endless – there’s so much delicious food and fantastic music in the Eurovision countries. We’re going to make sure that our Eurovision 2020 is a memorable one.”