The Easter Bunny made sure staff and people supported at Swanton’s Telford services had plenty to celebrate this Easter, by doing a special egg delivery tour.

The Swanton Bunny, played by Head of Development Noel Davies, gave out 150 eggs on Wednesday 8th April to ensure everybody had chocolate for the Easter weekend.

The Easter Bunny tour, which was conducted adhering to social distancing guidelines, saw Noel joined by Darwin Community Support Service Manager Lorraine Barford, Locality Manager Susan Gibson and Business Development Manager Amanda Raine.

According to Amanda, there were some fantastic surprises along the way, not least for people supported by the Telford services, who had no idea the Easter Bunny was on his way.

Amanda said: “It was a wonderful experience to show up and put a smile on the faces of our hardworking staff and the people they support.

“When we arrived at Darwin Place, their Service Manager Christine Ward-Poole and her team had set up speakers outside, so there was a real party atmosphere.

“Everyone was out of the house, on the front porch and enjoying the fun and games. It was a really lovely time.”

The Easter Bunny team wanted to make sure that everyone had an egg of their own, so staff who weren’t on shift during the visit had their eggs left for them to enjoy later.

Eggs were delivered to Darwin Place residential home, four supported living services and a handful of people supported in their own homes.

Team EB travelled in a convoy in their own cars, creating a big impression when they arrived at different services.

The feedback they had on the day was fantastic, and Amanda received more positivity from staff following the visit.

Amanda said: “We got an email from one of our staff that said, ‘Thank you all for today. It was really nice to see the lengths you all go to to keep people’s spirits up. It’s inspiring.’

“That email and the other positive feedback means the world to us.”