Tynedale House is hoping to welcome some newcomers to their service very soon – some adorable baby chicks. 

During the lockdown, the team and the people they support have begun incubating fertilised eggs in the hope they’ll hatch. 

So far, they have four eggs in the incubator and are carefully monitoring their progress.

Operation Baby Chick is just one of the many different lockdown activities the people supported at Tynedale House are participating in during this unprecedented time. 

Home Manager Nicola Parker said that everyone is working hard to keep their spirits up. 

Nicola said: “We can’t wait to meet the chicks when they finally hatch – the people we support are so excited. 

“We’ve been coming up with lots of different activities to keep everyone busy and engaged during the lockdown. It’s important to get the balance of physical and creative things for us to do together.” 

One of the most popular activities so far has been colouring, which many of the people supported at Tynedale House enjoy. 

Staff have been leading walks around the community and visits to local parks to make sure everyone gets plenty of fresh air and keeps active. 

Nicola said: “We’ve been keen to make sure the people we support take their designated exercise and go for walks nearby. 

“There’s a nice park near us – that’s a popular place for us to go during our lockdown walks. We’re doing everything we can to keep the people we support happy and entertained.