Baking enthusiast Mark Lewis is finally back in the kitchen after being laid low with a severe toothache. 

 The 52-year-old who lives at Maesteilo Mansion in Llandeilo, South Wales, was delighted to return to baking after recovering from dental surgery. 

 Maesteilo staff supported Mark while he was poorly, encouraging him to consider returning to the activity centre on-site once he felt better. 

 So, everyone was delighted when, following a tooth extraction, Mark was well enough to make his signature cupcakes once again. 

 Home Manager Kuba Nowak said staff were happy Mark had made such great progress. 

 Kuba said: “Mark has had a rough time with his toothache – it left him feeling too unwell to get involved in activities. 

 “Thankfully, we were able to get him emergency dental surgery, and within a couple of days, he was feeling so much better. 

 “Going from spending most of his time in bed to being back in the kitchen is a massive achievement for Mark. 

 “He enjoys baking at the activity centre and has made some lovely cakes which we’ve all enjoyed eating.”