New initiative ‘Swanton Does The Oscars’ got off to a flying start in May when The Cedars in Sunderland made their version of the classic movie ‘The Italian Job’. 

Swanton services have been challenged to recreate film favourites using their creativity and homemade props. 

The Cedars Service Manager Jan Collins said that Michael Caine’s much-loved heist movie was the perfect choice for their first cinematic endeavour as it’s her favourite film. 

So, she and her team got to work making props, finding clips and music to cut together to create a fantastic result. 

Jan said: “We had three days of hilarity making our version of ‘The Italian Job’, everybody got involved. 

“There were so many different ideas about how we could do this. So, we made blue, red and orange minis and a bus for that infamous final scene. Then our director called ‘Action!’” 

Team member John Mason Senior led the project and helped the people supported at The Cedars to get involved. They printed off a Michael Caine mask for their lead actor and brought the film’s most dramatic moments to life using cleverly cut in clips. 

Jan said: “We have a couple of explosions and some shots from inside the bus at the very end of the movie.  

“The song ‘The Self-Preservation Society’ from ‘The Italian Job’ is our soundtrack. We’re pleased with our movie, but we don’t know yet if it’ll win us a Swanton Oscar…”