People supported at Emerald Care Services in Rotherham have turned to technology, creativity and nature to lift their spirits during the lockdown. 

Instead of getting gloomy about the restrictions, the guys at Station House and St. Pauls have discovered new ways to continue to do the activities they enjoy. 

Every Wednesday, at 3pm, Philip likes to go to the local gym to work out. But since the gym is now closed, the team have organised a personal trainer to support him in an exercise routine via Skype.

So far, Philip has been enjoying these sessions enormously. 

For Debbie, it’s been difficult to cope now her mum can’t visit her at home. So, every morning, Debbie and her mum have been using WhatsApp to spend time together on video chat instead. 

Debbie has been grateful for the support she’s been getting from her carers, including Home Manager Lisa Warren.

So, Debbie gave Lisa a special rainbow bracelet, made by Brogan, the daughter of one of the team.  

Elsewhere, Paul has been making the most of his daily exercise allowance by walking to the top of the nearby pit. Once Paul made his own pasta beforehand, so he could enjoy a bite to eat at the top while he took in the view. 

Scott has also been out walking regularly in the countryside and was also able to share a final McDonald’s with Philip before their local branch closed for good. 

McDonald’s also gave the team some cups for the people supported at Station House and St. Pauls to use at home. 

Meanwhile, Andrew has been learning some new cooking skills by trying his hand at cake-making. He was supported by care staff to bake some buns for the first time and enjoyed following the recipe and seeing the result. 

Finally, everybody has been keen to show their appreciation for the NHS and social care heroes by drawing rainbow pictures.

The colourful display is up in the windows of both Station House and St. Pauls to show that the people we support appreciate everything being done by key workers.