Seaham View’s Christopher Bailes turned to the dark side earlier this month, as he took on the role of Darth Vader during a Star Wars-themed activity. 

Christopher is a huge fan of George Lucas’ space saga, so chose Star Wars when it was his turn to decide on the theme of the week. 

Domestic Worker Alison Cheal created a ‘galaxy, far, far away’ in the Seaham View lounge, complete with toys, posters and costumes for Christopher and other people supported at the service. 

Then, with lightsabers flashing, Christopher fought alongside Rebel Alliance heroine Princess Leia (played by Sarah Kingston) against some rogue Jedi knights (Home Manager Dhiraj Rijhwani and Stacey Jackson). 

Dhiraj said: “Christopher is a massive Star Wars fan and it was a no-brainer for him to pick this as his theme. 

 “Thanks to Alison and support worker Annemarie Griffiths, we had props, music, sound effects and lightsabers! 

 “It was great fun to channel our inner Jedi – and Christopher got to play Darth Vader, who is his favourite character. He and Sarah were smiling and laughing throughout the activity.” 

As well as intergalactic battles, the people supported at Seaham View also took part in another group activity at the beginning of May. 

They were asked to create pictures of handprints using paints and then express their thoughts about the lockdown alongside their print. 

Dhiraj explained: “We wanted everybody to express how they were feeling, whether that was good or bad. 

 “By opening up about our emotions, we can start to process them – there’s been a lot of change to contend with during the lockdown. 

“The result was some fantastic pictures and a chance to talk as a group. The people we support are coping brilliantly with this very challenging situation, and we’re very proud of them.”