The lockdown hasn’t stopped people supported at Eastholme from enjoying the magic of the silver screen – they’ve simply opened their own cinema. 

Eastholme’s ‘Cineworld’ opened its doors for the first time in early May, complete with all the finishing touches you’d expect. 

The people supported at Eastholme presented their VIP tickets at the door to ‘Screen One’ and took their dedicated comfy seats for a showing of the Pixar classic ‘Toy Story’. 

There was an excellent choice of traditional cinema snacks, including hot dogs, cheesy nachos and buckets of sweet or salted popcorn.  

Service Manager Faye Hunter said the cinema experience was great fun for everyone in the audience. 

Faye said: “The Eastholme Cineworld is superb! Our VIP audience loved it – the team did fantastic job. 

“The people we support love going to the pictures, so it’s been hard for them to miss out on regular trips. 

“But by bringing the cinema experience to the home, we’ve all got involved in recreating the magic. 

“It’s been agreed that the Eastholme Cineworld will remain open, even when the lockdown ends.”