People supported at Swanton’s Eastholme service in Durham have created a special gift box for nurses and doctors at their local hospital. 

Support staff helped the group take part in a crafting session where they made the box and decorated it to give to Durham Hospital. 

Once the box was complete, with messages of love and support written on, it was filled with snack treats and given to a nurse who lives locally to take into her ward. 

Team Eastholme was delighted to receive pictures of the NHS heroes with the box of treats. 

Team Leader Mel Clark said that it meant a lot to the people at Eastholme to be able to say thank you with the gift box. 

Mel said: “We wanted to make something for them that looked colourful and was full of nice treats for the doctors and nurses to enjoy when they get a well-deserved break. 

“Everyone enjoyed getting involved with the box crafting and putting their individual mark on it. 

“The staff contributed towards buying all the snacks to put in there, so it was a real team effort. 

“The people we supported were really happy to see the photos of their box at the hospital and the nurses looking so happy to receive it.”