People supported at Seaham View were able to visit a pop-up McDonald’s ‘Drive-Thru’ this week, when one opened at the service itself. 

Staff member Alison Cheal made sure everyone could enjoy an authentic ‘Maccy D’s’ experience by transforming the dining room and conservatory into a ‘DriveThru’ and diner. 

The people supported at Seaham View were wowed by Alison’s creativity in using their arts and crafts box to make McDonald’s signs for the diner and ‘DriveThru’, as well as bringing in packaging to give the experience an authentic fast-food feel. 

Once they’d collected their food, the people supported at Seaham View enjoyed eating together in their pop-up diner. 

Service Manager Dhiraj Rijhwani commended Alison for making such a fantastic effort to bring the week’s theme to life. 

Dhiraj said: “Everyone was so impressed by Alison’s efforts – she made sure the people we support had a fun ‘Maccy D’s’ experience. 

“McDonald’s is the place that the people we support like to go for a treat, and that’s not been possible since the lockdown began. 

“But thanks to Alison’s hard work, everyone enjoyed hamburgers, chicken nuggets and chips.  

“Not only that but the whole group enjoyed spending the afternoon together and interacting with each other. Great work, Alison!”