Three of the people supported at Seaham View near Sunderland made the most of their designated shopping time during lockdown by going on a group trip out. 

The staff made sure to adhere to strict social distancing protocol when they took Lloyd, Sarah and Verity for a drive out to their local shops. 

The trio went to pick up some toiletries and snacks from local businesses, but also enjoyed a scenic drive through the area. 

Service Manager Dhiraj Rijhwani said that the group experience was an excellent way for Lloyd, Sarah and Verity to bond and do something different. 

Dhiraj said: “Since the lockdown began, the people we support have been enjoying their dedicated exercise time and shopping trips as it’s nice to get out and about. 

 Lloyd, Sarah and Verity usually do separate activities on their own, so it was great for them to have a support session together.  

 They had lots of fun doing their joint activity, and there were plenty of smiles, laughs and positive interaction. 

 “They chose the shops they wanted to visit, and we made sure they were able to do so safely and in line with Government recommendations.  

 “The day out was exactly the tonic they needed during the current challenging situation.”