Families of four ladies supported at Eastholme got a lovely surprise in the post this month – when ‘pocket hugs’ were delivered. 

KatieVicki, Charlotte and Sarah, who live at the Swanton service in Seaham in County Durham, were finding it hard to be separated from their families during the coronavirus lockdown. 

In particular, the ladies were missing the hugs they usually shared with their parents and wanted to show them how much they care. So, Eastholme’s care staff supported Katie and Vicki, Charlotte and Sarah in their quest to find a way to express how they were feeling.  

Team Leader Mel Clark said that they found the perfect solution in ‘pocket hugs’. 

Mel said: “The ‘pocket hugs’ are a great idea. The message on the card reads, ‘Here’s a little hug for while I can’t be there. Just a little something to show how much I care’.  

“They also feature small wooden discs with ‘A little pocket hug’ written on them that family members can have as a keepsake. All of the ladies felt the ‘pocket hug’ cards were a lovely idea and that they would mean a lot to their parents.” 

It’s been incredibly hard for families who are unable to be together due to the restrictions, but everyone is keeping positive.  

They are already looking forward to when their mums and dads can visit Eastholme again and give them real-life hugs.