There’s been no time to get bored for the people supported at our Maesawel service in Carmarthenshire, they’ve been enjoying all sorts of wonderful activities. 

Team Leader Rainer Gottschall and his staff have come up with all sorts of fun-filled sessions to pass the time, including makeshift crazy golf, a pop-up barbers and visits to some local lamas.  

The four men supported at the service were invited to visit their very ‘own’ outdoor barber shop, set up by Swanton team members on site. Staff used clippers to shave Ronnie’s head and then give buzz cuts to everyone else. 

More outdoor fun came courtesy of a makeshift crazy golf tournament, where the people supported at Maesawel were challenged to pot golf balls into Pringle tubes. Plenty of laughs were had as the guys got their swing on and enjoyed an afternoon of golfing in the sun. 

Getting outdoors has been incredibly important for everyone during the lockdown, so Team Maesawel have come up with some great motivations for a daily walk. 

Firstly, they’ve been taking the people they support to a local smallholding to feed two lamas that live there. So far, favourite lama snacks include chopped carrot and apple, and it’s lifted spirits to spend time with these beautiful creatures. 

The people supported at Maesawel have also been busy crafting. During his walks on the beach with his dog, Rainer collected pebbles for the people he supports to paint on to create pebble art. The theme of the pebble art was spreading kindness and appreciation for local key workers.  

Rainer said: “The people we support enjoy crafting and we spent a few happy afternoons designing our pebble art. 

“We’ve hidden the pebbles all around the local area and every day we go for a walk to see if they are still there. It’s a great way to combine daily exercise with a kindness initiative.” 

The crafting has continued back at the home, with all kinds of wonderful creations being made. The people supported have made pipe cleaner action figures, a paper mache fried breakfast, a Meccano truck and birds and cats from air drying clay. 

Rainer explained: “The team often bring in crafting supplies from home so the people we support can do a crafting activity. 

“Melanie Vickers, one of our support workers here, loves crafting and does lots of it at home. The airdrying clay session was her idea and went down brilliantly. It’s lovely to see the people we support enjoying activities like this. 

“I’m so grateful for the hard work and dedication of my team during this challenging time. They have worked tirelessly and made sure the people we support have been well looked after.” 

Finally, Simon – one of the people supported at Maesawel – has kept up his baking hobby during the lockdown. He made some delicious jam tarts in May, which went down a treat with everyone.