There was an emotional reunion for Michelle Charlton and her mum Angela in May, inspired by a surprise letter.

Michelle, who lives in a Swanton Supported Living in Gateshead, was delighted when she woke up one morning to find a heartfelt letter from her mum in the post.

Michelle had no idea that mum Angela was going to write to her, so it was a lovely surprise as they haven’t been able to have their regular visits due to COVID-19 restrictions.

So, after Michelle wrote a letter back and following a change in lockdown restrictions for those that live in supported living, the staff got busy planning and risk assessing a visit.

Service Manager Dhiraj Rijhwani said that the reunion was incredibly moving for everyone.

Dhiraj said: “It’s been very hard on Michelle and Angela not to have their regular visits, so finally getting to see each other was a lovely moment for them.

“We were able to adhere to social distancing guidelines – Michelle sat in the car and chatted to Angela in her garden for 20 minutes.

“There were smiles and laughs, especially when Angela’s dog Bobby joined in the fun. During the drive home, Michelle said, ‘I’m so happy!’, which made everyone’s day.”