Simon Learoyd had an unforgettable birthday celebration this year – when staff at Glangarnant House threw him an epic superhero birthday party. 

Simon, who turned 44 in May, is a big fan of superheroes and loves putting on his Superman costume whenever there is an opportunity for fancy dress. 

So, when he told support staff that he’d love a superhero-themed party for his birthday, they got to work on making his dream come true. 

Service Manager Richie Phillips said that the party was fantastic for Simon and all the other people supported at Glangarnant House too. 

Richie said: “Simon loved it – it was superhero-tastic and he had a brilliant time. 

“My team were terrific – they turned our new summer house in the courtyard into a cocktail bar serving up mocktails, there was karaoke, a disco and a special birthday cake. 

“Simon had loads of great presents from staff and plenty of cards, and we’d also supported him to choose some gifts online too.  

It was lovely to see everybody here come together to wish him the best and celebrate his birthday in superhero style.”