The people supported at Hillcrest in Carmarthenshire have been feeling the burn this summer after doing circuit training as part of their healthy living week. 

Staff set up the first circuit training in the service garden using household items in place of gym equipment. The people supported at Hillcrest used tins of paint in place of weights during the ingenious sporty session, as they got their heart rates up. 

There was also the opportunity to learn from the experts when support workers played workout sessions on the TV too. 

Team Leader James Murphy said that everyone had fun despite working out hard. 

James said: “We wanted to show the people we support that you can get fit using every day, household objects.  

“It was our chance to encourage them and get moving together. It wasn’t just a good work out from the people we support, it was also great exercise for staff.” 

After the success of the first circuit training session, staff are now going to hold weekly sessions for the people they support. They are also committed to buying proper exercise equipment for everyone to use. 

Of course, exercise is only one part of a healthy lifestyle, so there was a focus on eating well too. 

The people supported at Hillcrest were invited to try a range of new healthy foods during a special tasting that week. 

James added: “We put on a tasting with vegetable couscous, green bean salad, olives and sundried tomatoes, veggie burgers and green beans with quinoa. Many of these were new foods for the people we support. 

“It was great to see them learning more about making healthy food choices. Richard, one of the people we support, found he particularly enjoyed hummus, so we’re going to incorporate that into his weekly menus from now on.”