The people supported at Maesteilo channelled the spirit of the world’s elite athletes this summer at an awesome Olympic day event. 

Staff went all out to convert Maesteilo’s grounds into a sporting arena, complete with competitive activities for all.  

After a warm-up session of stretching, the people supported at Maesteilo competed in an egg and spoon race, wellington throwing and running races. 

Service Manager Kuba Nowak said everyone had a wonderful time in the sunshine as the games got going. 

Kuba said: “We wanted to bring the Olympics to Maesteilo and make sure that all the people we support could have fun in the competition. 

“The staff worked hard to get everything ready outside, and when we all met in the garden, there was lots of excitement. 

“There was some wonderful teamwork during the events, and the positive, inspiring spirit of the Olympic games shone through!” 

After the games were complete, there was an awards ceremony where the winners were presented with their trophies and an extra special reward. They were given paper plates with whipped cream to throw at Kuba, Deputy Manager Andrew Phillips and Regional Director Simon Rooke. 

Kuba said: “Let’s just say that was a highlight for a lot of the people we support. There was a lot of laughter! 

“But we didn’t mind because it was a fun way to end an absolutely brilliant day here at Maesteilo, and I’m very proud of my team for making it happen. 

“We look forward to hosting another Olympic Day next year.”