Robert Westacott has wowed everyone at Maesteilo by making a stunning new sign for the service during woodwork sessions.

The hand-crafted oak piece was created by Robert, who then dug the holes for the sign and cemented it in place.

Team member Rasmus Hansen, who a keen woodworker and enjoys crafting pieces in his spare time, supported Robert, 39, to make the sign.

Rasmus was there to give guidance to Robert as he sanded and chiselled the sign and painted it, and colleague Brian Dorritt did the writing design.

Service Manager Kuba Nowak said that result is exceptional.

Kuba said: “This is an incredible achievement for Robert – the sign looks fantastic.

“We’d been talking about getting a new sign for a while as our old sign wasn’t visible enough and needed updating.

“Robert, Rasmus and Brian got to work at our Community Hub, where we have woodwork facilities and started to create the new sign.

“When it was in place, Robert was so happy and went to ask everyone to come and have a look at it.”