Talented Gordon McAllistair has made a name for himself by creating chalk drawings for the public to enjoy in his local community. 

Creative Gordon, 39, has been painting and drawing for many years, but discovered a new love for chalk art during the lockdown. 

He’s swapped his palette for crayons when he goes out and about, sketching pictures and messages with his chalks in Sunderland beauty spots including Roker Park and the beach. 

Sunderland Supported Living Service Manager Faye Hunter said that Gordon has become famous with locals who’ve enjoyed looking at his creations. 

Faye said: “Gordon is a very talented artist and during the lockdown his support team got him crayons so he could draw in the back garden. 

“When the lockdown eased, Gordon decided to take his chalks with him when he went out so he could express what was on his mind. 

“When passers-by see him drawing, they stop and give him compliments about his ‘amazing work’ and say ‘your drawings have made my day’.” 

According to support staff, people are now making special trips to see Gordon’s artwork – and he’s achieved celebrity status in the local area. 

One fantastic benefit of his work is that it’s helped Gordon to manage his anxiety levels. 

Faye said: “Gordon sometimes struggles to get to sleep because he lives with anxiety. 

“But expressing himself through the paintings has helped him work through any anxieties, and he’s settled much faster at night. 

“We’re very proud of Gordon for his wonderful chalk drawings and his hard work on managing his anxiety. Well done, Gordon.”