Seaham View’s Sarah Kingston has been busy giving her diet an overhaul this September, by experimenting with new salad dishes.

The 32-year-old was inspired to start exploring new ways to get her five-a-day after seeing one of the support team’s delicious salad lunch.

Sarah, who started a new exercise regime during the lockdown, asked staff to support her in building her own salad bowl. Not only did Sarah want to pack the dish full of healthy ingredients, but she also wanted to make it colourful.

Service Manager Dhiraj Rijhwani said that the results were eye-catching and delicious.

Dhiraj said: “It’s fantastic that Sarah wants to make healthy choices and learn new skills.

“She asked if she could replicate the salad that one of the team had brought in for lunch, and pack it full of colourful ingredients.

“Sarah chose the items she wanted to include, grated and chopped her food and assembled the dish beautifully. She was proud to show us the result of her hard work and then enjoyed eating the salad.”

Following her first go at building a salad bowl, Sarah has told the team that she’s looking forward to making another healthy lunch soon.