People supported at Murton Grange in County Durham have been delighted by the arrival of Polar the therapy dog at their service.

Polar, a Clumber Spaniel, is Service Manager Nicola Harrison’s family dog and she is known for her calming nature and lovely temperament.

So, when Nicola asked the people she supports if they’d like her to bring Polar into work as a therapy dog, everyone agreed they’d love to give it a try.

Nicola said: “Polar is such a sweet-natured, friendly girl and I thought the people we support would benefit from her being with us.

“We initially decided to keep her in the service office and gradually bring the people we support in, one by one, to meet her.

“It was wonderful to see their reactions, they fell in love with Polar, and she loved the attention.”

After the success of her first day in the office, Nicola arranged for Polar to spend time in the living area so the group could interact with her and ask any questions.

Nicola said: “There were plenty of interesting questions, but the most pressing one was whether it was possible to take Polar on the daily walks we do.

“Of course, that’s perfect for Polar, as she loves a good walk and so we organised the first trip out.”

Polar has now started regularly going on walks with the people supported at Murton Grange. She enjoys accompanying them to the local park where they can have a game of fetch.

Nicola said: “The impact on the people we support and on Polar has been fantastic – they are all getting so much out of their new friendship.

“Every morning when I’m getting ready to leave the house, Polar rushes to the car and jumps in, ready to head to Murton Grange.

“It’s truly heart-warming to see her so excited and to know how much happiness she brings to the people we support.”