Seaham View’s Thomas Hughes showed great progress in his activity sessions this September when he took a movie day trip into the ‘Labyrinth’. 

The 19-year-old usually chooses indoor activities such as playing on his PC or Ps4, with his support workers watching on from afar. 

However, when Seaham View’s staff asked Thomas if he’d like a movie day, he said, ‘Yes!’ and selected the David Bowie classic ‘Labyrinth’ as his film of choice. 

Service Manager Dhiraj Rijhwani said Thomas and the support team then created the perfect movie-going atmosphere. 

Dhiraj said: “This is the first time Thomas has completed an activity like this and interacted with others as part of it. 

“Together, he and the support staff moved the sofa into position, set up some sensory lights in the living room and made some movie snacks. 

“Thomas really enjoyed watching ‘Labyrinth’ and seeing David Bowie as Jareth the Goblin King. For him to share his personal space with others for a prolonged period is a huge achievement. 

It was great to see him having fun and making the most of his in-house cinema treat.”