Two ladies supported at Swanton’s Seaham View have become the first two students in the North East to complete our cooking course.

Sarah Kingston and Verity Dunn enrolled on the course – which is devised by Swanton – earlier this year and have learned essential life skills. The course is part of their efforts to gain independence, which they are being supported in by Seaham View staff.

Service Manager Dhiraj Rijhwani said the ladies were delighted to get their certificates to show the results of their hard work.

Dhiraj said: “We’re very proud of Sarah and Verity for their fantastic work on the cookery course.

“They’ve been taught a lot of new skills and have had some great experiences while getting to grips with different parts of the course.

“It was wonderful to see them get their certificates and to hear them say how pleased they were to receive them. They chose to have their photograph taken together so they could mark this big achievement.”

The course is designed to teach kitchen skills to students who are interested in learning more about cooking and nutrition. The teaching aims to empower people supported at Swanton services as they gain confidence in their ability to be more independent.

Dhiraj said that he was particularly proud as Sarah and Verity were the first people in the region to complete the course.

Dhiraj said: “Their dedication has been terrific and it’s a huge achievement to be the first two people in the North East to finish this course and get their certificates.

“We’re excited to see which courses they choose to do next.”