Park Lodge’s Michael Jewson has kept spirits up among the staff and other people supported at his service thanks to a combination of cake and cleaning.

The keen baker loves to create delicious cake creations each week, as baking is one of his favourite hobbies.

In recent times, Michael’s cakes have helped to boost morale as everyone copes with the new measures in lockdown.

Plus, when he’s not baking, he’s helping the staff to keep the service COVID Secure by cleaning down high-touch surfaces with them.

According to Deputy Manager Maxine Roberts, Michael’s efforts have meant a lot to the team, and the other people supported at Park Lodge.

Maxine said: “Michael’s cakes are always a big hit, but recently they’ve really cheered us all up.

“He absolutely loves baking, and everyone else loves eating his creations – he’s made some wonderful cakes.”

She also says that his work to keep the place clean has been much appreciated too.

Maxine added: “Michael is a stickler for the rules, and when he’s baking he follows all the proper hygiene guidelines with handwashing.

“It’s not out of character for Michael to get stuck in with helping to keep things clean around the service, but for staff, it’s been an extra positivity boost.

“It’s great for us to know the people we support want to do their bit to keep everyone safe and secure during this difficult time.”