Maesteilo’s Matthew has been praised by the team who support him after achieving massive steps forward in his independence over the past year.

The 35-year-old moved into Maesteilo in September 2019 and had to make a big adjustment to living in his own self-contained flat.

After a turbulent year previously, the change meant lots of new experiences for Matthew as he got used to his new living quarters and working with a new support team.

However, thanks to everyone’s hard work, Matthew has settled in beautifully in his flat, and is now making decisions about how he wants to live his life.

Maesteilo manager Kuba Nowak said that Matthew’s progress has been terrific.

Kuba said: “To go from having a room in a house to being in his own flat was a big change for Matthew, but he’s done really well.

“Now he’s choosing how to decorate his flat, what he wants to do and making simple but important decisions about his life.

“I can’t praise his support workers enough. By establishing a core team around him, those people have given Matthew support to build his confidence and independence. It’s been fantastic to see.”

Two of the most impressive milestones in Matthew’s year involve his participation in activities. Recently, Matthew played golf for the first time with one of his support workers, and he also spent dedicated time creating a pinata during a craft session.

Kuba said: “Before now, Matthew has often chosen to watch things from afar, but not get involved.

“So, for him to make a plan to play golf, go to the driving range and to have such a positive experience is a great achievement. He did really well.

“We were also really impressed with Matthew making a pinata. His attention span has been quite short, so for him to choose to spend a dedicated hour and a half making something is brilliant.

“We’re so pleased that Matthew is living a happy, independent life with us here at Maesteilo. His progress is a big achievement for Matthew and the wonderful staff who have supported him.”