The Christmas spirit is alive and well at Swanton’s Seaham View – after the team made a big donation to a local food bank.

People supported at the service and support workers got together to support a local food bank initiative, organised by Seaham View support worker Michelle Whitelock.

Michelle wanted to make sure there was plenty to hand over to the team at the food bank, which is being run out of the Dawdon Youth & Community Centre.

As part of the charity drive, staff members have been donating groceries and essential items, which people supported at Seaham View have helped to collect and bag up.

On 8th December 2020, Chris and his support staff made a special trip to the community centre to drop off the donations, which were gratefully received.

Service Manager Dhiraj Rijhwani said that he was incredibly proud of everyone for getting behind the cause.

Dhiraj said: “It’s been heartening to see the people we support working alongside staff to make sure nobody in Seaham goes without food this winter.

“The kindness and compassion they’ve shown perfectly captures the real spirit of Christmas.”

On Facebook, the Dawdon Youth & Community Centre gave Seaham View a special shout out to thank them for their donations.

It read: “Huge thank you to Michelle Whitelock, staff and people supported at Seaham View for your amazing donations today. We really appreciate your support.”