People supported at Swanton services across the North East and Wales got together to take part in a special cook-a-long initiative.

Participants at each service bought the ingredients to make spaghetti bolognese and then got ready to follow along with Regional Director Tom Pick.

Everyone logged onto Microsoft Teams to watch ‘Tom’s Simple Spaghetti Bolognese’ being demonstrated, step-by-step.

The cook-a-long was a great success, with people supported at Swanton services getting stuck in.

After the demo was over, each service had a delicious spag bol to serve up for dinner.

After leading the demo, Tom said that he was delighted with the results.

Tom said: “It was great to get so many services together to take part in the same activity.

“We wanted to find something fun to make, teach the people we support a new dish for their repertoire, and make sure everyone got fed.

“The plan is to do regular cook-a-longs, with a different service leading it each time. We hope we can make some delicious and easy dishes that the people we support can enjoy eating together.”

As well as planning more cook-a-longs, some of the people supported at Swanton have expressed their wish to get together for a meal together face-to-face once it’s safe to do so.