Amateur cooks at Swanton services across the UK got stuck in during the first 2021 cook-a-long, by making a delicious shortbread recipe.

Hannah from Trigfan House in Wales was excited to lead the cook-a-long, demonstrating the step-by-step recipe from the service’s kitchen.

The shortbread recipe was provided to all services participating, and Support Worker Carys rewrote it especially for Hannah to follow.

Team Leader Jessica said that Hannah had a fantastic time as the video call host, despite being very shy.

Jessica said: “It was lovely for Hannah to get the boost of doing the cook-a-long. She’s very shy until she gets to know someone, so this was terrific for her confidence.

“During the call, there was plenty of chit-chat between the services, which provided lots of extra fun.”

The people supported at Swanton services and their teams chatted about the recipe, how they were doing and shared any kitchen disasters. With one team having to start from scratch after a mishap, there was plenty of laughs.

Everything went to plan in the end, however, and Jessica said the results were delicious.

Jessica said: “The recipe was fab because there were chocolate chips included, and that made the shortbread even tastier.

“Hannah was excited to have made the shortbread, and she enjoyed eating it and sharing it with the team. It was a brilliant experience for all involved.”