The New Year is well and truly underway, but Team Eastholme have been looking back at the highlights of their Christmas 2020.

Although it’s been a few weeks since the festive celebrations took place, staff and people supported at the service wanted to share two really special moments.

The heart-warming stories demonstrate the love and community spirit shown during a challenging Christmas season. These examples of care and compassion are relevant all year round.

On the run up to Christmas, the people supported at Eastholme created special personalised gifts to give to their loved one.

Each family received a beautiful, handmade scrapbook, filled with memories of their happy times in 2020.

Having endured the hardship of long separations from their loved ones, the people supported at Eastholme wanted to give a present from the heart.

Inside each of the scrapbooks were photos and stories about the things Team Eastholme have been getting up to throughout the year.

Team Leader Mel Clark said creative sessions allowed the people supported at Eastholme to reflect on their good memories.

Mel said: “It was amazing to look back on all the things we’ve managed to do in 2020, despite the restrictions.

“Our outstanding team have worked so hard to make sure there were plenty of activities and events going on in the service.

“The scrapbooks looked fantastic when they were finish and the people we support enjoyed putting them together.

“All the parents have called us to say how much they loved their scrapbook gift and how much it meant to receive such a personal, joyful gift.”

Meanwhile, members of the Starz Drama School brought Christmas joy to Eastholme when they arrived to sing carols.

The singing and dancing troupe arrived at the service during Christmas week to perform a socially distanced rendition of Christmas classics.

Their arrival was greeted with delight by people supported at Eastholme, who rushed to the door to say hello.

During the performance, Charlotte – one of the people supported at Eastholme – chose to join in with the singing.

Service Manager Faye Hunter said the young singers brought joy to the service.

Faye said: “It was fantastic to have a visit from Starz Drama School – it was so kind of them to think of us.

“Hearing them sing carols on our doorstep was a lovely Christmas treat, and got us in the spirit of the season.

“It was wonderful that Charlotte decided to join in and that everyone had such a good time.”

The impromptu concert is just one example of the community spirit of kindness, shown by the good people of Seaham in County Durham.