Heavy snowfall gave the people supported at Swanton’s Seaham View the chance to try a new activity this winter – snow painting.

Although the inclement weather brought the region to a halt, quick-thinking support staff at the service came up with turning the situation into an arts and crafts opportunity.

They wondered if the combination of the texture of the snow, the temperature of the flakes and some eye-catching paint colours would provide an enjoyable sensory experience for the group.

So, with their paints and brushes at the ready, Aaron, Chris and Lloyd gave it a try.

According to Service Manager Dhiraj Rijhwani, it was a great success.

Dhiraj said: “It’s always exciting to try a new activity and give the people we support the chance to explore their artistic side.

“Aaron was very happy to get stuck in and quickly started to touch the snowflakes to see how they felt and sounded before painting them.

“At first, Chris wasn’t too sure about the whole thing, but once he saw how the others were painting their snow, he started choosing different colours to try.

“One of the team supported Lloyd with his painting by using hand over hand support, helping to guide the paintbrush.

“There was a lovely moment when the staff cheered Lloyd for his great work.

“Everyone in the group seemed to have a good time and enjoyed their first foray into snow painting.”