Olivia at Swanton’s Murton Grange service has ticked off one of her life ambitions this spring – by purchasing her first car.

Independent Olivia loves keeping busy and going out but isn’t a big fan of waiting in the cold for public transport.

So, after talking the idea over with support workers, Olivia decided to make it easier to get around by getting her very own car.

After looking at different models online, Olivia was supported to visit a local garage to pick one out.

Murton Grange Team Leader Sharon Crute said that Olivia was ‘ecstatic’ when she finally got the keys to her new wheels.

Sharon said: “Olivia loves her freedom, so getting her own car was a very exciting moment.

“Olivia not only picked out the car herself but also chose the colour and selected some accessories for added comfort.

“She told us she was ‘ecstatic’ when the car arrived and she was able to get behind the wheel for the first time!”

Before the pandemic changed Olivia’s routine, she would choose to go out for the day to lots of different places. She enjoys keeping busy and finding new spots to visit on her days out.

So, now she has a car, there are even more options available when the travel restrictions are lifted.

Sharon added: “In the meantime, Olivia loves to go and ‘chill out’ in her car, using the Bluetooth to play her favourite music.

“It’s fantastic to see her enjoying her big purchase and to know she has so many adventures to look forward to.”