The people supported at Trinity House gave this year’s Mother’s Day celebrations the personal touch by making handmade cards. 

They wanted to express their love and appreciation for the special ladies in their lives by putting their arts and crafts skills to good use. 

Over recent weeks, everyone supported at Trinity House has been taking part in different crafting activities using lots of different materials.  

So, when it came to making their Mother’s Day cards, Team Leader Kirsty Harker said the group was raring to go. 

Kirsty said: “We wanted to do something special with the cards to make them even more meaningful. 

“So, we supported the group to use all sorts of decorations and colours to make their cards. 

“We also took a photograph of each person as they were crafting, so we could stick that inside the card to show the mums that they were handmade. 

“We’ve had some lovely feedback – the mums we’ve spoken to absolutely loved their cards.”