Staff at Swanton’s Heath View service have been immortalised in exceptional drawings by in-house artist Christopher. 

The gifted creative has been capturing the people around him in a series of pictures that have impressed everyone. 

Christopher, 47, asks team members if they are happy to be his latest subject before sitting down to draw the pictures at the dining room table. 

Service Manager Gary Cunningham said that Christopher has also given the pictures to different staff members to keep. 

Gary said: “Christopher is an exceptional artist – his drawings are terrific. 

“Art has a hugely positive impact on his life, and it’s one of the ways he communicates his thoughts and feelings. 

“Some of us have asked him to sign the drawings he’s done of us, so when he becomes famous, we’ve got some original pieces!” 

After winning acclaim for his drawings, Christopher has begun branching out into other artistic endeavours too. 

He’s begun using fabric paint to decorate clothing – most notably on the back of his jacket. 

Gary said: “It’s great to see Christopher inspired to push himself further and into new directions. 

“As bystanders, it’s exciting for us to see what he’s going to do next and to appreciate the beauty he finds in the world around him.”