A postcard of kindness sent by one caring 7-year-old schoolgirl has lifted the spirits of the people supported at Seaham View. 

Poppy, who attends Our Lady of the Rosary Primary School in Peterlee, wrote a card to everyone at the service complete with a drawing and well-wishes. 

In her postcard, Poppy wrote: “I’m seven years old, and I’m in Year 2. I hope my postcard will cheer you up and make you happy. My happiest memory is when I went to Paris with my family. I like to paint and draw.” 

When the postcard arrived, Deputy Manager Kelly showed it to the people supported at Seaham View, who were delighted and overjoyed to receive Poppy’s message. 

Kelly then replied to Poppy, who was excited to hear back from Seaham View. 

Kelly said: “I wrote to Poppy to tell her how much it meant to all of us to receive her lovely postcard. 

“I told her that I’d read it out to all the people who live at Seaham View and that they loved it. It brought a smile to everyone’s faces. 

“I also let Poppy know that we also do lots of drawing here. She’d asked a question about what our favourite foods are. I wrote back to tell her that I love pizza and chips. 

“Poppy’s mum said that she was thrilled to get a reply because she didn’t expect it.” 

The Postcards of Kindness initiative asks the public to write and send cards to people living in care homes. Through their messages, the senders are letting the recipients know that they are thinking of them. 

Poppy’s school has sent out cards to multiple care homes in the local area and hope to continue to lift spirits with their messages.